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Eye Trax

Eye Trax

(North Carolina)

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Wireless solar powered security cameras fill a void in remote areas where security and surveillance couldn't be performed before because of the costly expense in trying to provide power and an internet connection to those areas. Eye Trax makes this void a thing of the past by offering a cellular based surveillance camera that is indefinitely powered by a solar panel and controlled by a web based User Interface. This motion activated security camera catches thieves who lurk in sensitive remote areas day and night. The infrared lamps that automatically turn on at night are invisible to the human eye and don't not emit any light but can see up to 75 feet away. Motion detection, time activation, and LIVE instant picture request are the trigger mechanisms for the wireless outdoor security camera to acquire pictures during the day or infrared pictures at night. Pictures from the solar powered outdoor cameras are delivered to your cellular phone, email, and web based portal called the ?User Interface? in 90 seconds or less. The User Interface boasts features including time lapse video, picture overlay, unlimited picture storage, unlimited user logins, pictures categorized by date, and total control of picture acquisition rates and methods. Marketing and branding your company with the solar powered wireless camera is also a very easy possibility. Each wireless camera is accompanied with a ?snippet code? which can be found on the camera console and inserted into your company?s web site with little effort. Now your live remote surveillance camera is sending images automatically to your website, giving your customer and potential customers the ability to look live into your wireless outdoor camera. The marine security camera is a way for a boat or yacht owners to perform boat security that has not been available in years past. The marine security camera is compact in design, water proof, and is powered by the boat or yacht?s 12V-24V cigarette lighter port. With the aid of the suction cup base design, the marine security camera can be placed on all marine surfaces including the glass windshield and fiberglass walls. This cellular based marine camera allows the images to be instantly sent to the end user?s cell phone or email as the event occurs. The marine security camera is designed with a heat activated motion sensor that is triggered the second a warm body object enters the secure monitored area. This cellular security technology allows the end user the freedom to monitor their boat or yacht from anywhere in the world. The benefits of this cellular security technology includes: knowing when maintenance crews come and go from the vessel monitoring the security of the boat or yacht eliminating gas syphoning checking conditions at dock before arriving at vessel monitoring the power levels of the battery to ensure bilge pump operation Protect your investment while giving yourself the peace and mind that when you arrive at your vessel, it is in the same condition as you left it. This cellular based marine security camera is the final piece of the puzzle for the end user to maintain security on their investment and give them the ability to be there without actually being there. Eye Trax is striving to make marine security simple and effective. Dock security is vital to marina owners and individuals who park their boats and yachts in these unsecured slips. Eye Trax can help eliminate potential threats by offering a solar powered wireless dock camera that can monitor these remote areas 24/7. Boat owners can also gain access to the wireless cameras from the marina owners. Marinas can offer 24/7 security monitoring with our partner companies who provide this service. There is no need to worry about your prize possessions and investments anymore. Eye Trax provides worry free wireless security cameras that are simple to use and cost effective to all that utilize them.

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Eye Trax

Eye Trax

Charlotte (North Carolina)

United States

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