Guide to maximize the benefits of your Premium Page

General Information

The Premium Page is a modern, functional and premium datasheet of several pages, with a menu that is customised for your company. It includes information about the company and advert listings.

The Premium Page is designed to adapt to all types of devices (desktop, tablet and mobile). The URL of the Premium Page, which you can share with potential customers, is permanent and contains the name of your company. E.g: (or

In addition, we will strengthen your presence within, with the aim of improving the visibility of your company and, as a consequence, generate more contacts.

When the service is contracted, our Customer Service Department will contact you to decide what your customised URL will be. Once the URL is confirmed, the Premium Page is automatically created with the data of your company registered in

When you edit your data on the Premium Page, these are automatically updated in When you upgrade your adverts in your Private Menu, the changes are also reflected in the Premium Page.

We recommend customising your Premium Page to make the most of its full potential.

There are many ways to access your Premium Page:

  • directly from the customised URL,
  • searching for your company in the nautical business directory,
  • from the advert listings where an advert of your company appears,
  • from your adverts in

If you are logged into your account, there is an edit bar at the top. Here is where you can switch between the edit and display modes. To see your Premium Page as other users see it, come out of your account.

Customising your Premium Page is quick and easy

If you are logged in your account, you can edit your Premium Page by going directly to the custom URL. In the Edit bar, you can switch between the edit and display modes clicking the buttons.

You can also enter in your private Menu and access the Premium Page from the My Data tab.

You can edit the content marked with a green border. Click on the element to edit it. The Company's data which is not shown on the Premium Page can be edited in the section My Data in the Private Menu.

Here we indicate the optimal dimensions for images of the Premium Page. If they are larger and have the correct proportion, we will fit them into the space. However, if they are smaller or have an incorrect proportion, they will come out with a white border and which in many cases will not display the image so well.

The photos should not exceed the 3,450 x 3.450 px or be larger than 3 Mb per image.

The images can be cropped, resized and saved in a format suitable for the web in many free programs. Pixlr is an online program that doesn't need to be installed and is available in many languages.

It is recommended to save the photos in JPG format, with high quality (70% to 80%) and logos in PNG or GIF format.

  • Your company logo »

    The logo used in the header of the Premium Page is different to the logo that appears in the directory listings. It's necessary for at least one of the dimensions to be the required dimension or larger. We will give it a white background if it is a different proportion.

    For logos with a horizontal format, avoid having white space on the sides. For square or vertical logos, avoid white space above and below.

    Logos in a horizontal format: at least 500 px in width
    Logos in a square or vertical format: at least 281 px in height
    Optimal size: 500 x 281 px (width x height)
    Proportion to crop: 16:9

  • Home page photo gallery »

    You can upload between 1-3 large panoramic photos. It is very important to have the correct proportion and at least its optimal size.

    Optimal size: 1,255 x 491 px (width x height)
    Proportion to crop: 23:9

    If you do not upload photos of the company, you can always show between 1-3 photos which we have chosen for you by default.

  • Logos of the brands represented for the home page »

    You can upload up to 6 logos of the brands represented (optional). If you do not upload images, the section is not displayed.

    Optimal size: 180 x 101 px (width x height)
    Proportion to crop: 16:9

    If you only have them in a smaller dimension, we will add a white background.

  • Services page photo gallery »

    If you already have pictures in your profile, we will show them. We recommend showing between 2 and 5 images.

    Optimal size: 760 x 570 px (width x height)
    Proportion to crop: 4:3

We advise you to prepare the company description texts in all available languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French, German and Portuguese. It is essential to publish texts in the main language of your company. Additional languages are optional. In any case, your Premium Page is shown in all the domains of CosasDeBarcos and iNautia.

You must not introduce contact details in the description (phone, email, website, etc.). They will be automatically hidden because they are already shown on the Contact page.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) »

    Include in each text description the name of your company. Think of how potential clients would search for products and services offered by your company. You can also include variations of these terms and expressions in the description texts. We advise you to put the brands your company represents in the texts.

  • Description of the company in the Home page »

    Include the company name and describe its main services to let customers know what the company does and so that they can find the Premium Page in the search engines. In this field you can enter a maximum of 300 characters per language.

  • Description of the company in the Home page »

    Describe in detail the services offered by your company. Include the name of your company, the main activities and what differentiates your company from the competition. This is the best place to convey the characteristics of the company.

    Recommended length: 800-1,200 characters
    Maximum length: 4000 characters

    Up to 1,200 characters of the text is seen at first glance. If it exceeds 1,200 characters, the 'Read more' link will appear which you have to click on to see more text.

  • Represented makes or products in the Services page »

    Show the represented brands and the products or services specific to your company here, so that buyers can find it in their searches.

    Recommended length: 300-800 characters
    Maximum length: 2,000 characters

    Up to 800 characters of the text is seen at first glance. If it exceeds 800 characters, the 'Read more' link will appear which you have to click on to see more text.

  • Links to your website and social networks of your company »

    In the footer of your Premium Page you can include links to your company's website, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and YouTube pages. We recommend that you go to the home page of each site you wish to include and copy and paste the address from the search bar in order to ensure you are using the correct format.

Do you need more help?

If you need help, contact us through email or in the +34 93 551 95 62.