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Kavi Yachts Spain is specialized in nautical consulting work, buying and selling new and used boats as well as carrying out maintenance works and giving technical assistance through an external team of professionals, but with immediate availability.
The quality, quick service and experience in the marine business are qualities that set us apart.

Other services available; mechanical works, transfer of boats, antifouling, engine repair, etc. We also act as intermediaries for the sale of moorings. The company Kavi Yachts Spain opened their office in August 1999 in the Sport Port at Campomanes, previously they had their office in Puerto Portals on the island of Mallorca (Balearics). The extensive experience and exclusive nautical dedication of the staff of Kavi Yachts Spain has been possible thanks to the three people who make up the team.

Victoria Iturria, with over twenty years of experience in the marine industry, dealing with the administration of all types of boat documentation from various countries, giving advice on the purchase and sale of boats and managing guarantees.

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