Marina Yacht Sales services


Marina Yacht Sales was founded through the will of its founder Angelo Bacci, in order to provide a high level, comprehensiveservice that ranges from the purchase of boats, vessels and charter boats as well as giving advice on financing and insurance and international management services.

In addition, the effort and decades of experience in the field is applied to the life cycle of a yachtsman, with the main goal to make the experiencel of sailing a both thrilling and relaxing experience and real fun. Technical assistance, storage, we cover 360° of your nautical experience.

To make this experience as positive as possible, the efforts of Marina Yacht Sales is to give both complete commercial and technical assistance throughout Italy and in the most important points beyond the Mediterranean.

In recent years, commercial development has led us to open offices in Solvay (Cala de 'Medici) Piombino (Salivoli), Roma, Gaeta (Porto Flavio Gioia), Salerno, Agropoli, Cagliari, Malta and Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

In these offices, besides giving a qualified commercial support, it is possible to receive professional technical assistance.
That is why today, we can say that Marina Yacht Read more »

Sales is the ideal partner for the development of business for dealers and a reliable friend to the boat owner.

The customers are who determine the service that best meets their needs, choosing from a range of the highest level of services.

It will always be possible to define a personalised service with the customer to ensure better performance

Our services:

- Storage of boats between 7 m to 50 m in the open air or in a warehouse.
- Fairing works and winter storage of the motor
- Programmed boat cleaning for the whole year
- Transfers
- Refittiing
- Maintenance and spare parts

Represented Makes / Products

- Azimut
- Vmarine
- Tender Toys