Mooring for Rent / year in Port Ginesta, 18x9m

12.000 €


Port Ginesta, approximately 3 miles SW of Barcelona, is a modern, well-run full facility marina located in Castelldefels, a tourist town notable for its wide sandy beaches. In the port there two lines of commercial prem- ises catering for yachts and the shipyard has a covered hangar and hardstanding for approximately 70 boats. Approach into Ginesta is easy, except in a strong SW, W or S wind when there can be a dangerous backlash from the outer wall; in these condi- tions it is necessary to keep close to the coast while entering. Once inside, the pro tection is good, but because of Ginesta's popularity it is advisable to book a berth before arrival.

Port details

Port Ginesta

Port Ginesta. Les Botigues de Sitges, 08860 Castelldefels (Barcelona) Spain.

  • No. of moorings: 1442
  • Maximum length: 24 m.
  • Latitude.: 41º 15.5' '' N
  • End of allowance : 2019 / 2036
  • Maximum draft: 2,5/5 m.
  • Longitude: 01º 55.5' '' E