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The history behind Summer Yachts is a story of a family?s passion for sailing. Three generations who have incorporated new developments and have anchored their activity in one of the emblematic retreats of the Mediterranean, the Mallorcan port of Porto Cristo. In the early 20th century they backed a fishing tradition that began to incorporate shorter length fleets of boats. A few years later, sport fishing slowly but surely began to become popular in Mallorca. The first generation of the family forged a name for themselves in those years, specialising in the construction and repair of fishing and leisure boats.


Ready to set sail:
Enjoy your sailing and leave everything in the hands of professionals. At Summer Yachts we have you a large multidisciplinary team available so that you only have to concentrate on sailing. A comprehensive service so your boat is ready to set sail when you tell us. Simply let us know us few hours in advance and you can come to the port and start sailing. Your boat will be prepared to set sail: the motors, the fuel and it will have been cleaned, every last detail so it is ready for you to board, start the engine and enjoy being at Read more ┬╗


Summer Yachts offers a maintenance service for your boat during the season while you are making use of it. We take care of refueling, cleaning, transport and cover all the needs that may arise,so that you can always enjoy your boat whenever you want.

Winter storage:
To prevent damage to the hull and deck of the boat, we offer a winter storage service. A solution that facilitates optimal preservation by avoiding contact with the sea during periods of inactivity. Summer Yachts arranges storage in its perfectly conditioned hangar to avoid the harmful effects of saltpetre and adverse weather conditions.

At Summer Yachts we take care of all aspects and services that are necessary to ensure a good restoration job. We have a professional team with excellent knowledge of mechanics, electronics, upholstery, fibreglass...

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