• Used boat 7099 | Catamaran sailboat used

    Catamaran sailboat Prout Snowgoose 37 Elite Twin Diesel


    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Sussex (United Kingdom)
    • Year : 1997
    • Length: 11,1m.
    • Prout Snowgoose 37 Elite Twin Diesel 11.1 m from Length 0,62 m from Draft. Observations: [b]construction[/b][p]the prout snowgoose 37 elite, is basically the same is the renowned ...

  • Used boat 7841 | Catamaran sailboat used

    Catamaran sailboat Dragonfly SW800


    • Sussex (United Kingdom)
    • Year : 1993
    • Length: 8m.
    • Dragonfly SW800 8 m from Length. Observations: [b]deck[/b][p]sprayhood which zips to extension for full cockpit tent; dragonfly motif hatch / cockpit desk. plenty of fenders and ...

Catamarans have two identical hulls interconnected by a rigid platform. They can be sail or motor boats, but the majority of them have two motors, one for each hull. Where these types of boats originate from is unclear, although the word "catamaran" is of Indian origin and the first records of its existence date back to the late 17th century. Catamarans have become quite popular in the market nowadays, because they combine innovation and speed and provide many advantages.

In general, catamarans offer more stability and balance than monohulls (due to their wider beam) and cannot sink, making them safer. They have less depth than monohulls of the same size, enabling improved manoeuvrability and a smooth and comfortable ride. They are also usually faster than classic sailing boats, but they don't rock as much and therefore there is less chance of getting seasick. Last but not least, they offer much more space and comfort: they can accommodate lots of passengers have a generous cockpit area and spacious cabins. Therefore, they are one of the most popular options for spending a holiday at sea.