• Used boat 6148 | Cutter used

    Cutter Grand Soleil 52


    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Minorca (Spain)
    • Year : 1991
    • Length: 15,75m.
    • Grand Soleil 52 15.75 m from Length 2,40 m from Draft.

The cutter is a medium-large sized with two or more jibs, with one mast and a mainsail. The mast is located towards the end to make room for two headsails and two forestays. The jib hangs on the mainstay and the staysail on the forestay. In fact the name 'cutter' comes from the specific tree-shaped configuration of this type of boat. This configuration is generally used for medium and large vessels, as having multiple jibs providing it with greater manoeuvrability.

It can be used both as a cruiser and for regatta sailing. It is usually more suitable for cruising sailing boats, as it offers a variety of sail combinations which are easy to handle in various wind conditions. Generally, Cutters don't have a cabin on the deck and they can also be used to transport passengers or light goods.