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  • Type: Day fishing boats
  • Boat Condition : used
  • Location: Netherlands

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A daysailer is a relatively small sailing boat and is designed for short , one or two day trips. These include monohull or multihull boats, they are suitable for towing and usually have no cabins, although some may have a small one. As regards navigation and stability, although they are not very large, the daysailers are more similar to yachts than to light sailing boats.

Most of these boats do not exceed 7 metres, but it is not so much the length which defines a daysailer as its configuration and the navigation software used: there are also simpler forms of daysailers which allow easy navigation and more complex ones, equipped with more advanced equipment; most of which are designed for one day excursions but there are others which are capable of crossing oceans; they are usually boats which are more suitable for leisure than for sport but there are also high-performance ones available. Generally, this type of boat is considered quite affordable, but some models can become very expensive.