• Used boat 7361 | Dredger used

    Dredger Seaward 23


    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Inverkip (United Kingdom) Dredgers in United Kingdom
    • Year : 1993
    • Length: 6,9m.
    • Seaward 23 6.9 m from Length. Observations: [b]dimensions[/b][p] loa - 6.90m beam - 2.60m draft - 1.16m [/p][b]hull, deck and keel[/b][p] grp hull large deep aft cockpit ...

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The United Kingdom represents the fifth largest economy in the world, in addition to having a rich cultural and historical heritage. It has an oceanic climate with abundant rainfall throughout the year. The largest Nautical Show in the United Kingdom is no doubt the one held in Southampton, on the south coast of England, which takes place in the month of September.