• Used boat 7042 | Fishing boat used

    Fishing boat Orkney Pilothouse 20


    • Bavaria (Germany)
    • Year : 2003
    • Length: 5,98m.
    • Orkney Pilothouse 20 5.98 m from Length 0,5 m from Draft.

  • Used boat 4120 | Fishing boat used

    Fishing boat Salt Shaker


    • Bavaria (Germany)
    • Year : 1990
    • Length: 9m.
    • Salt Shaker 9 m from Length.

There are a wide variety of fishing boats on the market for all requirement levels: from 5-metre long fishing boats to boats up to 25 metres in length with several decks, fishing chairs and observation towers. Despite the differences in size, most sport fishing boats have common characteristics: a wide beam that ensures stability and space; a high bow protecting against waves; a deep hull to soften impacts; an open stern with good buoyancy and high freeboards providing increased safety on the aft deck and a central helm.

Fishing boats are designed to be stable and safe. They will allow you to spend long hours doing what you really enjoy in the company of others. In fact, due to its stability and having plenty of space, the fishing boats are also well suited for family outings. If you like fishing, but do not want the commitment of having a large boat and your leisure plans require versatility, an option could be a walkaround style boat or a day fishing boat, with room for a small enough cabin below deck and enough power to practice water sports.