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Buy used inflatable boats in Puglia

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    Inflatable boat PHYTON C 33

    185.000 €

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Porto di Taranto, Puglia (Italy)
    • Year : 2020
    • Length: 9,9m.
    • PHYTON C 33 9.9 m from Length.

  • Used boat 1263 | Inflatable boat used

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    Inflatable boat Stilmar 630 con Roll Bar

    25.000 €

    • Puglia (Italy)
    • Year : 2008
    • Length: 6,3m.
    • Stilmar 630 con Roll Bar 6.3 m from Length.

  • Used boat 8961 | Inflatable boat used

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    Inflatable boat flyer 747 cabin

    36.000 €

    • Marina di Brindisi, Puglia (Italy)
    • Year : 2007
    • Length: 7,6m.
    • flyer 747 cabin 7.6 m from Length.

  • Used boat 3632 | Inflatable boat used

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    Inflatable boat Beluga perondi 19

    20.000 €

    • Puglia (Italy)
    • Year : 2000
    • Length: 6,3m.
    • Beluga perondi 19 6.3 m from Length.

  • Used boat 5491 | Inflatable boat used

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    Inflatable boat Calligari

    1.000 €

    • Marina di Brindisi, Puglia (Italy)
    • Year : 1997
    • Length: 4,3m.
    • Calligari 4.3 m from Length.

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  • Type: Inflatable boats
  • Boat Condition : used
  • Location: Puglia (Italy)

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Inflatable boats appeared in around 1830. They are inflatable boats that can be used both for family outings and for fishing or other water sports. Inflatable boats are usually divided into two types: those with an inflatable floor and those with a rigid one. If you want a light boat, with a comfortable and smooth navigation and is easy to assemble, the inflatable floor with pressurised air is ideal, while the rigid floor is the best choice if you are looking for greater speed, stability, structural rigidity and a more energy efficient boat.

Inflatable boats are made from a PVC or Hypalon fabric. PVC is lighter and more practical and more convenient if you want to fold up the boat to store it. Hypalon is stronger and more durable and is the ideal choice if the boat is exposed to the elements for long periods, especially to the sun. In general, the inflatable is a boat that allows a safe and convenient way to navigate. The low cost, robustness and ease of use make them affordable for everyone.