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    Jet ski Yamaha FX CRUISER SVHO®

    20.000 €

    (VAT included )

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Club Náutico Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona (Spain)
    • Year : 2018
    • Length: 3,58m.
    • Yamaha FX CRUISER SVHO® 3.58 m from Length 1,23 m from Draft.

  • Used boat 0329 | Jet ski used

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    Jet ski Sea Doo GTR-X 230

    13.990 €

    • Barcelona (Spain)
    • Year : 2018
    • Length: 3,32m.
    • Sea Doo GTR-X 230 3.32 m from Length.

  • Used boat 2268 | Jet ski used

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    Jet ski Bombardier GTX Millenium edition

    4.900 €

    • Barcelona (Spain)
    • Year : 2000
    • Length: 3m.
    • Bombardier GTX Millenium edition 3 m from Length 0,2 m from Draft.

  • Used boat 2020 | Jet ski used

    4 Photos

    Jet ski Spark 2UP 90

    5.000 €

    • Mataró Marina Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain)
    • Year : 2022
    • Length: 3,05m.
    • Spark 2UP 90 3.05 m from Length.

  • Used boat 6974 | Jet ski used

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    Jet ski Yamaha VX 1050

    7.500 €

    • Barcelona (Spain)
    • Year : 2018
    • Length: 3,35m.
    • Yamaha VX 1050 3.35 m from Length.

  • Used boat 0749 | Jet ski used

    3 Photos

    Jet ski Jet kawasaki stx15f

    2.500 €

    • Barcelona (Spain)
    • Year : 2009
    • Length: 2,3m.
    • Jet kawasaki stx15f 2.3 m from Length.

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  • Type: Jet skis
  • Boat Condition : used
  • Location: Barcelona (Spain)

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Jet skis are vessels with a rigid hull, small (less than 4-metres in length), propelled by an inboard turbine motor, although there are also versions with outboard motors. Recently, they have been classified as the most environmentally friendly motor boats on the market due to the low-emission propulsion system. Various types of watercraft can be found on the market, personal jet skis or multi-seat runabouts and with various engine sizes.

Jet skis are lightweight, compact and versatile and have a handlebar like a motorbike. They can be driven sitting or standing and their rapid acceleration gives unbeatable sensations to all who want to fun in the water or who want to reach those more secluded places that most boats can not access. To ride a jet ski, depending on the power of its engine, a specific licence must be obtained, the Personal Watercraft Certificate. The latest generation of watercraft are becoming faster, and more environmentally friendly, as well as more powerful and quieter.