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  • Used boat 3525 | Llaut used

    23 Photos

    Llaut Myacba Delfin 28

    24.500 €

    • Ibiza (Spain) Llauts in Ibiza
    • Year : 1978
    • Length: 8m.
    • Myacba Delfin 28 8 m from Length 1,4 m from Draft.

  • Used boat 4844 | Llaut used

    8 Photos

    Llaut Llaut de Madera

    8.000 €

    • Majorca (Spain) Llauts in Majorca
    • Year : 1951
    • Length: 7m.
    • Llaut de Madera 7 m from Length 0,90 m from Draft.

  • Used boat 0732 | Llaut used

    9 Photos

    Llaut Menorquín

    12.000 €

    • Murcia (Spain) Llauts in Murcia
    • Year : 2007
    • Length: 7,48m.
    • Menorquín 7.48 m from Length.

  • Used boat 0222 | Llaut used

    5 Photos

    Llaut Copino 25

    6.800 €

    • Majorca (Spain) Llauts in Majorca
    • Year : 1991
    • Length: 5m.
    • Copino 25 5 m from Length.

  • Used boat 3172 | Llaut used

    2 Photos

    Llaut Llaüt

    16.000 €

    • Club Náutico L´Escala, Girona (Spain) Llauts in Girona
    • Year : 1960
    • Length: 7m.
    • Llaüt 7 m from Length.

  • Used boat 4513 | Llaut used

    3 Photos

    Llaut Llaud mallorquin

    5.500 €

    • Club Nautico Cala Canyelles, Girona (Spain) Llauts in Girona
    • Year : 1945
    • Length: 4m.
    • Llaud mallorquin 4 m from Length.

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The llaut is a small and medium-size boat with a lateen sail which is typical of the Balearic Islands (Mallorca and Menorca); it is traditionally used for trawl fishing. The first versions of the llauts were built by local craftsmen using local wood, especially oak, pine and elm, and were designed to offer more comfort to fishermen in a small space. This tradition has been lost over time, given that trawl fishing is more regulated today, but the latest versions of the llaut on the market, are motorised, larger and can reach a speed of 7 knots.

Although llauts with motors are being seen more and more often on the market, some shipyards continue to manufacture these boats in the classic sailing style, but using more modern materials such as fibreglass, which allows finishes quality, similar to those seen in luxury yachts. Thanks to its stability in the water and resistance in inclement weather conditions, the llaut is a perfect boat for various types of activities, such as recreational sailing and sport fishing.