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    Cruiser Azimut 43

    320.000 €

    (VAT included )

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Majorca (Spain) Cruisers in Majorca
    • Year : 2009
    • Length: 13,12m.
    • Azimut 43 13.12 m from Length. Electronics: radio, dvd player, log speedometer, plotter, tv set, compass, cockpit speakers, autopilot, vhf, gps, radar, navigation center, cd ...

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    Cruiser Azimut Atlantis 43

    420.000 €

    (VAT included )

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Liguria (Italy) Cruisers in Liguria
    • Year : 2016
    • Length: 13,86m.
    • Azimut Atlantis 43 13.86 m from Length. Electronics: radio, cd player, autopilot, compass, dvd player, depthsounder, cockpit speakers, gps, plotter, log speedometer, tv set, ...

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    Cruiser Azimut 43

    260.000 €

    (VAT not included )

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Istanbul (Turkey) Cruisers in Istanbul
    • Year : 2009
    • Length: 12,99m.
    • Azimut 43 12.99 m from Length 0,38 m from Draft. Electronics: radio, log speedometer, gps, depthsounder, compass, cd player, vcr, radar, dvd player, vhf, autopilot, tv set, ...

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    Cruiser Azimut 43

    270.000 €

    (VAT included )

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Campania (Italy) Cruisers in Campania
    • Year : 2007
    • Length: 12,9m.
    • Azimut 43 12.9 m from Length. Electronics: gps, autopilot, tv set, log speedometer, depthsounder, vhf, radio, compass, plotter, cockpit speakers, dvd player. Electricity / ...

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    Motoryacht Azimut 43

    389.366 €

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Motor yachts in Hong Kong
    • Year : 2006
    • Length: 12,69m.
    • Azimut 43 12.69 m from Length. Electronics: autopilot, log speedometer, depthsounder, compass, tv set, vhf, gps, plotter. Electricity / Motor:generator, shore power inlet. Deck ...

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    Barge Azimut 43

    220.000 €

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Athens (Greece) Barges in Greece
    • Year : 2006
    • Length: 12,9m.
    • Azimut 43 12.9 m from Length. Observations: [b]additional information[/b][p]2 cabins 2 bathrooms leather bar satin oak wood finish kohler 10kw generator 10.000btu reverse cycle ...

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    Motoryacht Azimut 43

    350.000 €

    (VAT included )

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Singapore Motor yachts in Singapore
    • Year : 2010
    • Length: 12,54m.
    • Azimut 43 12.54 m from Length 0,63 m from Draft. Electronics: autopilot, tv set, vhf. Electricity / Motor:generator. Deck equipment: teak cockpit, gangway, cockpit cushions, bimini ...

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    Motoryacht Azimut Atlantis 43

    517.000 €

    (VAT included )

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Phuket (Thailand) Motor yachts in Phuket
    • Year : 2015
    • Length: 15m.
    • Azimut Atlantis 43 15 m from Length 1,11 m from Draft. Observations: [b]electrical and mechanical equipments[/b][p] pover system 220v generator changed by guarantee /25 hrs only ...

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  • Model: azimut 43

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More than 90% of the fleet of recreational boats in Spain are made up of motor boats. If your priorities are speed and convenience, a motor boat is definitely the best choice. Before buying a motor boat, it is important to decide how you are going to use it. Knowing the main characteristics of a motor boat and its configuration is essential to be able to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Motor boats usually have two types of hulls: displacement or planing.
The displacement hull is associated with slower boats which are longer in length and which need great stability for long-distance sails.
The planing hull combines a lighter weight, relatively more power and lift to slide over the surface of the water, which gives the boat more speed and agility but less resistance.

In the recreational boat category, the most common motors are usually inboard or outboard.
Inboard engines are located at the stern, and can work in various ways: through the transom by the means of a Z-shaped tail; through a fixed axis which passes through the bottom of the hull; or directly connected to pod drives which include the transmission, tail and accessories located beneath the hull.
Outboard engines are installed on top part of the transom and have a propeller and a steering system. There are two types of outboard engines: the two-stroke, lighter and easier to install, but also causes more pollution; and thr four-stroke, quieter and more environmentally friendly, but also heavier and expensive.
Today there are also several electric propulsion and hybrid solutions which are more environmentally friendly and which are becoming increasingly efficient.