The term regatta comes from the historical race between the Venetian gondolas. The word `regatta' is used for both sailing boat sports competitions, as well as rowing races. A regatta, therefore, is a race involving several boats performed on a defined path in the water. Among the sailing racing boats, the largest and best known are the America's Cup and the Volvo Ocean Race, but there are also many regional championships and well-organised events of an amateur nature which are considered essential dates for sailing fans.

In the category of racing boats we find a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 2 to 30 metres. In these types of boats, the amenities are much more basic than those seen in the cruiser designs, and sometimes they have hardly any facilities at all. In general, they are lighter and more state-of-the-art boats, which are manufactured from lightweight materials such as carbon fibre. They also include the latest generation nautical technologies in both the technical equipment and the sails where lightweight fabrics that will make the boats are faster but with a shorter lifespan are used.