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    Sailing cruiser Alpa 42

    51.373 €

    (VAT included )

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Devon (United Kingdom) Sailing cruisers in Devon
    • Year : 1977
    • Length: 12,6m.
    • Alpa 42 12.6 m from Length 1,8 m from Draft. Observations: [b]construction[/b][p]white grp body with blue pinstripe white grp deck with balsa corewhite grp superstructurecentre ...

  • 1/36

    Sailing cruiser Gib'Sea 84

    12.501 €

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Hampshire (United Kingdom) Sailing cruisers in Hampshire
    • Year : 1985
    • Length: 8,4m.
    • Gib'Sea 84 8.4 m from Length 1,8 m from Draft. Observations: [b]construction[/b][p]white orthopthalic polyester bodywhite grp deckwhite grp superstructurestub with lifting keel ...

  • 1/29

    Sailing cruiser Hustler 35

    22.775 €

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Hampshire (United Kingdom) Sailing cruisers in Hampshire
    • Year : 1978
    • Length: 10,5m.
    • Hustler 35 10.5 m from Length 1,72 m from Draft. Observations: [b]construction[/b][p]moulded by lifeline moulding ltdcompleted on the medway by hartley marinewhite grp body,white ...

  • 1/13

    Sloop Beneteau FIRST 30E

    11.359 €

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Hampshire (United Kingdom) Sloops in Hampshire
    • Year : 1982
    • Length: 9m.
    • Beneteau FIRST 30E 9 m from Length 1,62 m from Draft. Observations: [b]construction[/b][p]cream monolithic grp body with red liverycream grp/balsa core non-slip deckcream ...

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    Sloop Pegasus 800

    7.990 €

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Hampshire (United Kingdom) Sloops in Hampshire
    • Year : 1978
    • Length: 7,8m.
    • Pegasus 800 7.8 m from Length 0,87 m from Draft. Observations: [b]construction[/b][p]white grp body with red liverywhite grp deckwhite grp superstructureiron lifting keelskeg hung ...

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    Sailing cruiser Bavaria Cruiser 37

    114.105 €

    (VAT included )

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Hampshire (United Kingdom) Sailing cruisers in Hampshire
    • Year : 2015
    • Length: 11,12m.
    • Bavaria Cruiser 37 11.12 m from Length 1,92 m from Draft. Electronics: gps, depthsounder, log speedometer, wind speed and direction, vhf, plotter, radio, cd player. Deck equipment: ...

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    Sailing cruiser Beneteau Oceanis 411

    92.471 €

    (VAT included )

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Anglesey (United Kingdom) Sailing cruisers in Anglesey
    • Year : 2002
    • Length: 12,5m.
    • Beneteau Oceanis 411 12.5 m from Length. Electronics: cockpit speakers, log speedometer, radar, plotter, autopilot, cd player, navigation center, radio, compass, wind speed and ...

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    Sloop J Boats J/88

    113.020 €

    (VAT included )

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Hampshire (United Kingdom) Sloops in Hampshire
    • Year : 2014
    • Length: 8,9m.
    • J Boats J/88 8.9 m from Length. Electronics: radio, autopilot, gps, compass, log speedometer, vhf, wind speed and direction, plotter, depthsounder, cockpit speakers. Electricity / ...

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    Sailboat Broadblue Rapier 400

    285.347 €

    (VAT included )

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Cornwall (United Kingdom) Sailboats in Cornwall
    • Year : 2013
    • Length: 11,7m.
    • Broadblue Rapier 400 11.7 m from Length. Observations: [b]systems[/b][p]electrics:  12v unit with outlets in each body and at helm 240v unit with sockets in each body and ...

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    Sailing cruiser Contest 33

    28.540 €

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Pembrokeshire (United Kingdom) Sailing cruisers in Pembrokeshire
    • Year : 1971
    • Length: 9,66m.
    • Contest 33 9.66 m from Length 1,41 m from Draft. Observations: [p]the company deals the details of this boat in good faith but cannot assurance or warrant the accuracy of this ...

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    Sailing cruiser Hylas 54

    508.020 €

    (VAT not included )

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Bavaria (United Kingdom) Sailing cruisers in Bavaria
    • Year : 2005
    • Length: 16,24m.
    • Hylas 54 16.24 m from Length 0,64 m from Draft. Electronics: vhf, cockpit speakers, radio, navigation center, cd player, radar, tv set, gps, compass, autopilot, depthsounder, log ...

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Sailing boats are propelled through the action of the wind against its sails. Under the control of one or more people, the sails, along with the rigging, hull, keel and rudder, make up the system which transforms wind energy into the thrust that propels the vessel. Knowing the components of sailing boats will help you choose the one that best suits your navigation plan.

The size of a sailing boat can range from light sailing boats which are just over 2 metres long, to the huge yachts of over 100 metres. The dimensions of the sailing boats are expressed in metres or feet. To distinguish between different types of sailing boats we must know the elements that form it.

The hull is the main part of the sailing boat and it floats. There are two large groups of hulls: monohulls, the most common in the market, and multihulls, in which the catamarans and trimarans are included. We can distinguish three hull shapes: round, bilge-keel and 'V'.
The keel is the bottom of the hull, which goes from bow to stern running along the centre line; it is an integral part of the hull, it can have various configurations, it has a ballast, it is fixed and its main function is to provide stability.
The rudder provides directional stability to the boat and helps the lateral force. The most common types of rudder are: keel, skeg, suspended or hanging, on the transom and double rudders.
The rigging is made up of masts and sails which differentiate the various types of sailboats. The most common types of rigging are: masthead and fractional sloops, cutters, ketches, schooners and yawls.