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  • Used boat 9557 | Sailing dinghy used

    14 Photos

    Sailing dinghy Nacra 4.5

    2.700 €

    • Barcelona (Spain)
    • Year : 1998
    • Length: 4,5m.
    • Nacra 4.5 4.5 m from Length.

  • Used boat 7589 | Sailing dinghy used

    5 Photos

    Sailing dinghy Optimist Lenam

    1.250 €

    • Puerto Deportivo El Masnou, Barcelona (Spain)
    • Year : 2009
    • Length: 2,4m.
    • Optimist Lenam 2.4 m from Length.

  • Used boat 9030 | Sailing dinghy used

    4 Photos

    Sailing dinghy Byte Dinghy CII

    1.300 €

    • Club Nautico de Arenys, Barcelona (Spain)
    • Year : 2000
    • Length: 3,7m.
    • Byte Dinghy CII 3.7 m from Length.

  • Used boat 5418 | Sailing dinghy used

    4 Photos

    Sailing dinghy Roga Estel

    1.200 €

    • Barcelona (Spain)
    • Year : 1990
    • Length: 3,99m.
    • Roga Estel 3.99 m from Length.

  • Used boat 5974 | Sailing dinghy used

    6 Photos

    Sailing dinghy 470 Mackay

    7.000 €

    • Barcelona (Spain)
    • Year : 2014
    • Length: 4,7m.
    • 470 Mackay 4.7 m from Length. Observations: in dry storage for almost a year. stiff hull and ready to race at world class level.

  • Used boat 5014 | Sailing dinghy used

    3 Photos

    Sailing dinghy 505 RONDAR

    1.500 €

    • Barcelona (Spain)
    • Year : 1970
    • Length: 5,05m.
    • 505 RONDAR 5.05 m from Length.

  • Used boat 8316 | Sailing dinghy used

    No images

    Sailing dinghy Optimist Naixx

    1.490 €

    • Barcelona (Spain)
    • Year : 2011
    • Length: 2,3m.
    • Optimist Naixx 2.3 m from Length.

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  • Type: Sailing dinghies
  • Boat Condition : used
  • Location: Barcelona (Spain)

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Light sailing boats are widely used in sailing schools. They are not motorised and are characterised for being very light, due to the absence of a ballast which also makes them very easy to handle. Being so light, they lack stability, something that forces the crew to maintain the balance by moving from one side to the other. In the event of making a mistake whilst manoeuvring the boat, it is very easy to capsize it, but the same can be said of turning it up the right way again. Most of the latest generation light sailing boats are designed to be increasingly easy to use and recover.

The popularisation of the sailing boat is due in a large way to light sailing boats, which have made this world more accessible, thanks to their relatively affordable rates and ease of use. Their simple configuration and use are also reflected in a decreased ability to sail when carrying weight, in fact this kind of boat can not carry more than three passengers. Another advantage of light sailing boats is that because they are small in size they can be easily transported.