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The schooner originated in Turkey and was historically used as fishing or cargo vessel. It is a type of sailing boat with two or more masts (it can have up to seven) which are slightly inclined towards the stern and rigging consisting of the jib sails. It differs from other types of sailing boats because it is a very wide and long boat, its length can vary from 14 to 36 metres, which therefore ensures comfort and stability.

Nowadays, these features make the schooner an ideal boat for a cruise, but not so good as a fishing or cargo boat. Generally, schooners are made of solid wood (mahogany, teak, iroko, pine), but most modern ones are made of steel. When have a motor, they can reach a cruising speed of 10 to 11 knots. They can accommodate a crew of between 6 to 24 members and may have between 4 to 12 single or double cabins with a private bathroom. The foredeck is often used as a sun deck or relaxation area, while the stern is usually the dining area.