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    Speedboat Sea Ray 370 Sundancer

    80.234 €

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Florida (United States)
    • Year : 1997
    • Length: 11,25m.
    • Sea Ray 370 Sundancer 11.25 m from Length 0,8 m from Draft. Electronics: depthsounder, compass, cockpit speakers, tv set, gps, navigation center, radio, vhf, log speedometer. ...

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    Speedboat Sea Ray Sundancer

    207.665 €

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Florida (United States)
    • Year : 2005
    • Length: 11,7m.
    • Sea Ray Sundancer 11.7 m from Length 1,0 m from Draft. Electronics: gps, tv set, log speedometer, wind speed and direction, cockpit speakers, radar, compass, vhf, navigation ...

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    Speedboat Cranchi Endurance 33

    61.355 €

    (VAT included )

    • Verified second-hand boat
    • Florida (United States)
    • Year : 2005
    • Length: 9,9m.
    • Cranchi Endurance 33 9.9 m from Length. Electronics: gps, radio, tv set, autopilot, vhf, cockpit speakers, depthsounder. Electricity / Motor:shore power inlet, generator. Deck ...

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    Speedboat Sea Ray 240 Sundancer

    31.622 €

    • Florida (United States)
    • Year : 2004
    • Length: 8,03m.
    • Sea Ray 240 Sundancer 8.03 m from Length 1,04 m from Draft.

  • Used boat 0858 | Speedboat used

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    Speedboat Steiger Craft 23 Pilothouse

    16.800 €

    • Florida (United States)
    • Year : 2010
    • Length: 7m.
    • Steiger Craft 23 Pilothouse 7 m from Length.

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  • Type: Speedboats
  • Boat Condition : used
  • Location: Florida (United States)

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The speedboat is a small motorboat and may have various formats depending on what it is used for and the type of navigation. It is often used for sport fishing (walkaround style) and as a day fishing boat, but it is also ideal for sports such as water skiing. It is a very agile, versatile and easy boat to handle. It is designed to be stable, safe and provide maximum comfort on board.

This category of speedboat may include different types of boats: open bow, also called bowrider (without a cabin), cubbies or cruisers, with a central pilothouse; semi-rigid and sport fishing boats. Depending on the type of boat, they may have fixed elements, but they also allow for some personalisation according to the owner's needs, adding for example foldaway furniture or a small bathroom. If they have a cabin, they can also be used to sail in the winter and, if they are larger, they can accommodate more passengers on board. Thanks to its small size, it can be towed with ease an therefore can mean a saving on mooring costs.