The trimaran is a boat comprised of 3 separate helms, a larger one located in the centre that houses the cabin and two smaller ones, one on each side of the central hull, joined by rigid tubular arm-shaped structures which both keep the boat afloat and act as stabilisers. Until the late 20th century, the trimarans were used mainly for racing and other competitions, so they offer incredible features but reduced comfort in order to maximise the boat's performance. Since then, the multihull market has grown and nowadays it is possible to find boats designed for all sailing enthusiasts.

Despite the fact that they are not as popular as catamarans, trimarans offer the same stability and comfort and can be also faster. The low friction generally allows high-autonomy for the trimaran, even more so than the catamarans. There are several prestigious makes to be found on the market which are dedicated to the production of trimarans and which offer very well made futuristic designs.