Washingboat services


At WashingBoat we have a team of highly qualified professionals to ensure that your boat is always ready to set sail, not forgetting any of the details.

With WashingBoat you don?t have to worry, we care for your boat as if it was our own, the products we use for delicate materials will never cause any harm to the surfaces and we look after even fine details in all the processes. No longer will you have to worry about carrying out your own checks, we will give you a report after each service so that you have a record of the status of your boat at all times.

We'll return your boat to you as good as new. We perform meticulous cleaning so as to not leave any residue that can damage the paintwork. If you wish, we can paint your boat to shine as it had before and take care of the engine thanks to our extensive knowledge in marine mechanics.

We consider ourselves as a young, dynamic and efficient company. Our enthusiasm for our work and commitment to getting positive results has made many owners already put their trust in us; we hope that you will soon do the same.

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